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Tonks, my dog, isn’t actually my dog. Technically she’s my daughter’s, but we have permanent custody of her (Tonks that is, not my daughter, who is a grown up and can do what she likes). Tonks is a rescue dog and looks mostly like a black lab, with a bit of German Shepherd thrown in. I never wanted a dog but years of attrition from my wife and daughter finally wore me down. Now, Tonks is my fourth most favourite person in the world (sorry Dad) and I love her dearly.  As I write this she is staring at me, wagging her tail and trying to guilt me into rubbing her tummy…which I have now just done. She brings so much pleasure to myself and Louise that I thought it would be nice to share some of the love with the world, hence the blog. So I thought I would start by giving three key facts about Tonks: 1) Yes, she is named after the Harry Potter character. 2) She is badly behaved. 3) She is often referred to as Weeney-Woo, which will be the subject of a future blog post. 4) She just did the mother of all burps. (I know I was only going to share three facts but I didn’t know she was going to grace me with such an epic bodily function.) So that’s a bit about Tonks, my dog. Feel free to share three random facts about your pets. Cheers, Gareth and Tonks.

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