The Basilisk’s Lair by Tarquin The Honest

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Broken rock littered the cave floor. Most of it was misshapen lumps but the occasional large piece was recognisable as a hand, leg or foot. Amidst the spoil stood myriad stone statues. I drew closer to the forms of two moon-elves. The detail of the carving was incredible, their haughty features captured perfectly. Moon-elves have […]

Tales of Bravery by Tarquin The Honest

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It was a typical Monday morning, and I was readying myself for another day’s drudgery. Battling monsters, returning dragon eggs to the Queen of the Kobolds and saving the skins of the sorry group of individuals fate had unkindly put me in charge of. Our guide, Komgrirk Simplehead, a Kobold considered an idiot even by […]